Planning on doing some traveling over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend?  You're not alone.  According to AAA, about 55 million of us will be traveling 50 miles or more for the weekend.

If you are traveling in and around New England, you are going to want to plan ahead because it looks like we are going to be dealing with some nasty weather leading up to Turkey Day.

According to the National Weather Service, much of Maine will be dealing with a nasty mix of rain and snow on Wednesday.

Specifically, for the Augusta area, it looks like we are going to get hit with snow early in the morning.  After 9 AM, we can expect it to switch to a mix of nastiness.  It looks like, by the middle of the day, it will switch over to all rain.  It is also going to be pretty windy, with 3 MPH gusts.  The high for the day is going to be in the low 40s.

Rémi Jacquaint, Unsplash
Rémi Jacquaint, Unsplash

It appears that Southern Maine is going to get hit with a bunch of rain and gusty winds.

Eastern Maine is likely to get as much as a half a foot of snow throughout the day on Wednesday.

It looks like the Mountains of New Hampshire are going to be getting a legit snowstorm.  The North Conway area, for example, will get hit with as much as 4 inches of snow on Tuesday night.

On Wednesday, they'll get an additional 3 inches before the precipitation turns over to rain.

Here's Jason Nappi's take on the impending weather:


The good news is that, for Thanksgiving Day, much of the region will see beautiful weather.  Lots of sunshine and temperatures that are appropriate for the season.

So, if you can, you may want to wait until Thursday morning to make that drive the grandmother's house.

Of course, whatever you end up doing, please be safe.

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