Those of us born way back in the 1900s can remember a time when we didn’t carry our phones with us all day long.

And we definitely did not have them with us at school.

Yes, when we were in school, we went through the entire day without having our phones.  If we were lucky enough to have a phone, we left it in our car (sometimes, the phone was built into the car) or our locker.  But more likely, we did not get our first cellphone until we were adults.

That’s not the case these days.  Kids as young as ten are getting their first phone, and they keep it with them all the time.  Sometimes, they even bring those phones to school.

Another Maine school district is cracking down on students having access to their smartphones and smartwatches.

RSU 1 bans smartphones and smartwatches

According to an article on the WMTW website, the administrators at RSU 1 (which includes Bath) have announced that the district’s middle and high school students will not be allowed to access their phones or smartwatches during the school day.  This change will take effect when the students return to school in the fall.

The article explains that the RSU 1 school board voted to make the change last week.

The hope is that the change will increase academic engagement and eliminate one source of distraction.

How will the rule be enforced?

RSU 1 has come up with a high-tech way to prevent kids from breaking the rules.  Each student will be given a Yondr pouch for their phones and watches.  These pouches can only be unlocked at the entrance to the school.

Students who break the rules will face detention and suspension.

RSU 1 is not the first Maine school district to restrict students’ access to smartphones during the school day.  Ashland School District, Cape Elizabeth Middle School, Blue Hill Community School, and Falmouth Middle School are among several dozen school districts with regulations about the use of smartphones.  Check out the entire list at the Maine Principals’ Association website.

What is your opinion on the cellphone/smartwatch ban?  Do you agree?  Why or why not?

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