It was not that long ago that the pricing of fast food restaurants allowed the entire family to go out for lunch or dinner.  Between the dollar menus, kids meals, and value meal deals, a family of four could eat for less than $20.

That is not the case anymore.

Sure, they are still generally cheaper than a traditional sit-down restaurant, but like everything else, we have seen the price of fast food meals increase over the last few years.

Reasons for the price increases include inflation, a big jump in the price of food, and an increase in the cost of labor.

It looks like some help for people strapped for cash may be on the way from McDonald's.  The iconic fast food chain is in talks with franchisees about possibly launching new discount meal options.

Google Maps / Canva
Google Maps / Canva

McDonald's $5 meal deals

According to an article on the CBS News website, McDonald's is considering rolling out a new $5 meal deal nationwide.

If it happens, the new meals would include a choice of either a McChicken, a McDouble, or four-piece chicken nuggets as well as fries and a drink.  You'd get all of that for only $5.

So, a family of four could eat for about $20.  Considering what some families pay to go out to eat these days, that's not bad.

Recently, McDonald's corporate leadership announced plans to be "laser-focused" on keeping meals affordable.  Typically, fast food restaurants are frequented by lower and middle-income individuals.  Right now, those people are feeling the biggest impact from today's crazy inflation.

No announcement has been made about when we'll see these new meals introduced.  As they are still in the planning phase, it may not happen at all.

All this talk about McDonald's has made me hungry.  I think I'm going to go grab a McFlurry!

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