As we are a rural state, it does not surprise us that we rarely get major pop or rock tours coming through Maine.  Many of us are just happy that we get so many top-tier country artists coming through Maine.

We understand, though.  Even though we have some amazing concert venues in Maine, it makes more sense to play a show at a stadium that holds 60,000 people than it does to play at a venue that fits less than 20,000.

Considering she is the biggest star in the world right now, it did not surprise anyone that in May of 2023,  Taylor Swift was able to pack Gillette Stadium three nights in a row.

Taylor Swift's The Eras Tour

The Eras Tour, which started in March of 2023, will not wrap up until December of 2024.  By the time the tour ends, she’ll have done over 150 shows and will have performed in front of millions of fans.  It's not a big surprise, considering that when the first tickets for the tour went on sale, it basically broke the internet.

Obviously, her tours have not always been the experiences they are these days.  Years ago, before she was a headliner, Taylor Swift was the opener for some real country legends.  And she was playing much smaller venues, like the Cumberland County Civic Center in Portland, Maine.

Do you remember the last time Taylor Swift performed in Maine?

Back in 2007, when her biggest hit to that point was “Teardrops on My Guitar”, Taylor Swift had the opportunity to perform at the Cumberland County Civic Center (Cross Insurance Arena) in Portland.

At that point, she was the opening act for Brad Paisley’s Bonfires & Amplifiers tour.

During her visit, she spoke with reporters from WCSH 6’s 207.  Check out the interview:

Were you there?  Do you have any pictures or videos of the show?

As far as we know, this was the only time that she did a show in Maine.  If this is incorrect, let us know by sending us a message in our app.

Taylor Swift Fans Descend On Melbourne Cricket Ground
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Taylor Swift’s 2010 visit

In 2010, she was in Kennebunkport filming the video for her song “Mine”.  She later returned to the coastal Maine town to premiere the video.

While she was there, she had time to visit some Portland-area businesses.

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