No one wants to be alone on their birthday. No matter if you tell everyone in the world you don't care, deep down, I think part of you does.

I also don't think that growing older eliminates you from celebrating. You should celebrate even more because you get the chance to grow older.

This story comes straight out of Bar Harbor, according to the Bar Harbor Fire Department Facebook Page. A woman opened her door to find a Bar Harbor firefighter standing there. They were out in the neighborhoods checking Knox boxes, and he happened upon her door.

She asked if he was there to check her Knox box or wish her a Happy Birthday, as the post states. She was 82 years old and celebrating her birthday, alone.

Firefighter Aidan then decided immediately that this woman was not going to be solo on her special day.

After he checked her Knox box, he left but soon, came back. He was not alone. He was in the company of another fellow firefighter who both presented the lady with a slice of cake and candles.

Bar Harbor Fire Department via Facebook Page
Bar Harbor Fire Department via Facebook Page

She wasn't alone on her birthday.

82 years on this earth is something to observe and acknowledge, and I am happy that Firefighter Aidan and his comrade knew that.

These small acts of kindness are everywhere and the smallest of acts result in the largest significance. There is so much power in people if you just take a moment to think of someone else.

That is exactly what happened here.

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