What Maine hurricanes do you remember?

I remember the first time I heard anything about a hurricane affecting Maine. I was in Kindergarten in the 70's and the tail-end of Hurricane David was blowing through. It wasn't anything too serious. A few years later when I was in middle school is when Hurricane Gloria made it up this way. Power outages and downed trees were the story then.


A few years after that, Hurricane Bob came through. I remember that was kind of fun, because I just holed up in the practice space with my band, and we went at it until the power cut out. We were literally rocking like a hurricane. Or in one, as the case may be. But Maine isn't a complete stranger to this kind of weather.

Hurricane Lee is posing somewhat of a threat to us.

According to News Center's Todd Gutner, it's all about where Lee decides to track. It seems almost guaranteed it's going to have a pretty significant impact on Nova Scotia, so invariably, it'll impact us as well. Likely, we're going to see some huge waves and a lot of rip currents.

Photo by Oscar Ävalos on Unsplash
Photo by Oscar Ävalos on Unsplash

How much rain and wind we get seems to still be up for debate. If Lee tracks a bit closer this way, we could see a lot more in the way of wet and whipping weather. If it stays closer to N.S., we'll likely just see the churning waters on our coast.

A lot can happen between now and this weekend. Lee is moving extremely slowly up the seaboard, and it'll be a minute before it gets here. It will also likely lose some steam as it makes its way north. We could see Nor'easter levels of nastiness. Only time will tell. In the meantime, don't put that rain coat away quite yet. But maybe the lawn chairs...

Here's CBS News latest info...

I doubt we'll see anything like these types of situations, thankfully...

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