If you want to freak yourself out, simply turn on the news.

Maybe it was the same when I was a kid, I don't remember. Maybe it really was gloom and doom all the time on the news. But I really don't remember my parents seeming as concerned with world affairs as they do now. I know, we could get into a whole debate about how media's handled, but I'll leave that to other people to yap about.

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On the other hand, one thing that makes it a bit tougher these days, is knowing what is real and not real. Years ago, there was regular news, and the Weekly World News or The Enquirer to handle the crazy stuff. Now it's all crazy stuff, all the time. For instance, could we be headed into another bizarre, highly contagious, disease situation?

Ever heard of chronic wasting disease in deer?

According to the state, chronic wasting disease is a malady described this way:

Chronic wasting disease (CWD) is a fatal nervous system disease that impacts cervid (deer family) mammals. In deer, it has a 100% mortality rate.

It's caused by an infect protein in the brain, that ultimately affects the brain and other nervous systems. It's also often called "zombie deer disease".


The scary part is, scientists are ringing the bell that maybe we should be at least slightly concerned that this disease could jump from deer to humans, who would be infected from eating contaminated venison.

Have there been any known cases yet?

Not at this time. But there is fear the disease could mutate over time. It's estimated that around the country, over 15,000 infected deer are being eaten annually. At least 33 states have have reported cases. What's concerning, is that there's no research really being done, and no plan in place if the worst happens.


This doesn't mean we need to start worrying yet. But remember when mad cow disease jumped the barrier? Or the highly controversial coronavirus of a few years ago? There's plenty of scientific evidence to be concerned about. But maybe it's good to start keeping an eye and ear out, just in case.

Let's see how the sheer numbers play into this possible scenario...

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