Maine Summer

I'm always amazed when people actually leave Maine during the summer. Isn't this the time we are always waiting for? It's a three-month period (if we are lucky) of perfect weather, warm lakes, cold cocktails, and plenty of patio time. Why on Earth would anyone leave?

It is a short season, but it's sweet. I try to cherish every single day before the weather starts to turn. This includes trying to experience as much as humanly possible in the short period of time.

My wife and I have been all across the southern part of this state over the years, eating, drinking, hiking, and just experiencing everything Maine has to offer. There's a wealth of incredible experiences. However, some stand out more than others.

Southern Maine in the Summer

Below is a list of what I think makes Southern Maine so amazing in the summer. It's a diverse list of experiences that pepper Cumberland and York Counties. They range from food and drinks to beaches and hikes.

Some of these are very popular, while others may be surprising. However, they are all genuine experiences that I have put my genuine seal of approval on.

You can find the complete list below. What are some of the experiences that makes Southern Maine great to you in the summer?

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