The growth in popularity for Acadia National Park in Maine over the past several years has been astounding. It now rates as one of the most visited national parks in the entire country. That's in large part to the gorgeous scenery and serene nature that visitors indulge in while they're there.


But for some, those epic sunrises and waves crashing might not be enough. As the movie Jurassic World states, people always want something bigger and more exciting, which might explain how a ridiculous social media post went viral last week.

The absurdity of the post was lost on many of the commenters, who tagged friends and proclaimed, "How have i not heard about this until now?" There's likely still many people in that thread that have no idea it's fake.

Wooden boardwalk in Jordan Pond, bubble mountains in background

What's fake, exactly? The social media post claimed that Acadia National Park had received a grant from the government to enhance the national park with more action adventures. The first of those adventures was set to be a giant steel slide that trail walkers could use after hiking up a mountain on the giant slide loop.

If the thought of placing a giant steel slide in the middle of a national park was ridiculous enough, the social media post closed by promising other new attractions coming soon. Those attractions included the "Cadillac Catapult", and the death-defying "Precipice Plunge Freefall".

Despite the clear satire, the post remains available on Facebook, with more people planning hours-long trips to Maine to see attractions that don't exist. Long live the internet.


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