Summer is here, and so are the hot temperatures.

It is really easy for humans to forget how the heat affects our dogs, and it is to no fault of humans. I declare as a proud dog dad that people need a reminder every summer that the heat affects humans and dogs differently.

The #1 thing that separates us from dogs, regarding heat, is footwear.

Air temperatures in the summer in New England are warm (duh, it's summer). But often times, we are tricked by our location: the coast.

So when it is a 90-degree day but the coast is bringing in cool gusts of winds, we may feel like it is only 75 degrees.

Do you want to know where it does NOT feel like 75 degrees? The roads, sidewalks, driveways, and all asphalt surfaces.

Every summer, dog owners need a reminder about the air temperature to asphalt temperature conversion rate. This is critical. Burning hot asphalt, which you won't notice because you have shoes on, can harm your dog's paws big time.

On average, IF...

The air temperature is 77 degrees, the asphalt is 125 degrees.

The air temperature is 86 degrees, the asphalt is 135 degrees.

The air temperature is 87 degrees, the asphalt is 143 degrees.

And a similar conversion is applicable for leaving your dogs in the car during the summer.

Listen, I am NOT shaming dog owners who run into the gas station for 30 seconds while it is 70 degrees outside. I do it. It is okay.

But the warmer it is (and the longer you leave them), the more dangerous it is.

According to a Golden Dog NH article, "it only takes 10 minutes on an 85 degree (F) day for the interior of a car to reach 104 degrees."

Every minute you leave a dog in a car, the car temperature gets hotter than the starting temperature. So in 75-degree weather, after leaving your dog in a car for 20 minutes, the car temperature is actually 104 degrees. Too damn hot.

Be safe with your pups, and share this to let other dog owners know about these important conversations.

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