Words can't describe how much our pets mean to us.

They're our best friends, close companions, and often (scratch that, always) better listeners than people. A pet brings so much joy to your life, enriching it for the better.

The decision to adopt a furry friend is a big one. Before visiting your local shelter, it's important to consider the commitment involved in being a pet parent, including time, money, logistics, your stage of life, etc.

If you do find yourself looking to adopt a pet, you're probably thinking of your typical dogs, cats, birds, and rodents.

But what about an alpaca?

Scratch that, what about six alpacas?

The New Hampshire SPCA in Stratham, New Hampshire, recently welcomed an unusual addition to their family of animals: six alpacas, all of whom are looking for forever homes.

According to the below Facebook post, among the alpacas are a mother and daughter duo who need to be adopted together (Rachel and Sid), and four males (Manny, Zeke, Diego, and Lenny). The caption goes into more detail about the animals' personalities, and of course, we also get to see their pictures (which are pretty adorable, if we do say so ourselves).

Just look at the smile on that first one. How cute and funny is that?

Interesting in adding one (or more) alpacas to your barnyard family? Reach out to the SPCA's farm manager at mmurch@nhspca.org for more information. To learn more about other animals up for adoption, visit the NHSPCA's website.

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