Work has a lot to do with our emotions.  If you're in a good work environment, chances are that you don't feel as stressed as if you worked in a stressful work situation. released a survey of the best and worst states to work in based on poverty rates, including proper wages.  We did fairly well, with all the New England states being in the top 14 except for New Hampshire, which ranked #29 out of 50.

Stressful work environment can lead to blurting out sentences filled with emotion rather than facts or logic.

According to, the one phrase Americans regret saying at work more than any other sentence, is "I don't care".  It's usually said with emotion, and once we calm down, we usually regret saying it.  In fact, 87% of people use language they later regret due to the stress factor.

The findings always say that when people are more stressed, they express more hurtful communication.  This is also true for both personal and work relationships.

The study also concludes the phrase "I have some bad news" is the most triggering in America today. A close second was "We need to talk."

These phrases and any negative communication create a less than ideal workplace.  Also, if wages are too low and employees don't feel they are paid what they are worth, a certain level of dissatisfaction occurs.

Back to New Hampshire being the worst state in New England to work.  This is based on the lower salaries and much lower hourly wage than all of the surrounding states.  Most of the other New England states have double the hourly wage.

Those are the numbers, emotions, and communication regrets in the workplace.  So, how's your job going?

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