New England-born actors are some of our favorite people on the planet, and some of the wealthiest.

Forbes has released the top-earning Hollywood actors for 2023, and guess which New Hampshire son is at the top of the list? Yes, our own Granite Stater, Adam Sandler.

Oh, you thought it was Margo Robbie, aka Barbie?  She's on the list at #2, earning $59 million in 2023. But our home state guy was #1, earning $79 million last year.

How can this be? Netflix.

Sandler had the top film in streaming last year with Murder Mystery 2 (with co-star Jennifer Aniston), which was watched for 173 million hours, making it top 10 in 90 countries.

Sandler also had 40 comedy shows last year, one of them being in his hometown of Manchester, New Hampshire, plus three Netflix movies in the chute.  Add that all up, and that's how smart Sandler is with his brand.

Can you guess who the other two New England natives are on the top 10 list?

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It won't take too much thought, as Dorchester, Massachusetts, native Matt Damon clocks in at #5 with earnings of $43 million. The blockbuster Oppenheimer showcased his flexibility in roles, whether serious or comedic, and considering Damon has five more movies on the books for 2024 and 2025, according to, he'll likely be on top earners in Hollywood for some time.

Ben Affleck is #9 on the highest paid actor's list for 2023.  He was actor and director of Air, the story of Nike's Air Jordan's, which also starred his childhood Dorchester friend, Matt Damon.  Affleck has had his hand in directing quite a bit, in addition to acting. He also starred in The Flash and Hypnotic in 2023.

It looks like our New England boys are doing just fine, and we love that.

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