We all know the saying, "You can't believe everything you read."

Living in a world of opinionated people with access to the internet, AI, and other advancements creates a world of the unknown.

What is real? What is fake?

This is one of those stories, but it has been historically documented for nearly 100 years.

So what exactly is a New Hampshire "Woods Devil?"

According to legend, the creature resembles a "Big Foot" or a "Sasquatch." But this is not just a myth being passed down. There have been reported sightings.

The New Hampshire Woods Devil has been reported in various areas of Coos County in northern NH since the 1930s.

According to a North America Cryptids article, all reports of the New Hampshire Woods Devil have the same description: a roughly eight-foot-tall creature with grey shaggy hair, a horse-like face, enormous hands and feet, and a bad odor.

The first documented reporting of the Woods Devil was in the 1930s. Just over 10 years later, more reports came in.

George Lavoie, a hunter, said he saw a tall hairy creature standing behind a tree near his hunting camp in 1948. According to North America Cryptids, Lavoie shot at the horse-faced, grey-haired creature, but missed. When he went to follow the beast, all he could find were enormous footprints. The creature had disappeared.

A similar interaction happened in 1952, when hunter Robert Goulet heard a loud scream while hunting near Dixville Notch. Goulet described the same creature. He shot at it and missed.

You may be thinking, "That was 70 years ago", but there are semi-recent reports too.

In 1997, Bill Driscoll was driving on Route 26 near Errol when he saw a nine-foot-tall creature with grey fur, running like a human. The creature disappeared into the woods right in front of his eyes.

So the New Hampshire Woods Devil lives on...maybe. What do you think? Are you a believer?

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