There are countless places for tourists to visit in both New Hampshire and New England as a whole.

Are you an avid hiker, camper, skier, or general outdoorsman (or woman)? You can pay a visit to the White Mountains. Are you a fan of history who likes strolling through charming, quintessential New England towns? This writer recommends visiting Portsmouth and experiencing all that the small coastal city has to offer. How about the beach? Whether your aim is sunning, surfing, or strolling down the boardwalk, we've got it all. We could go on and on about the things to do in the Granite State and surrounding areas.

If you know someone visiting New Hampshire for the first time, you understandably want them to have a great experience and leave with a positive impression of the place you call home. You're probably wondering where to take them, and which spots they might like or dislike. This decision is also highly influenced by the time of year, as we have lots of special seasonal attractions that locals and out-of-staters love.

So where should you bring your vacationing loved one when they pay you a visit? We decided to ask locals for their thoughts on the best spots to take a Granite State newbie, and received lots of great recommendations. Let's look at some of them below.

13 Places to Take Out-of-Staters Visiting New Hampshire for the First Time

Gallery Credit: Megan

Here are some of New Hampshire's best tourist attractions, according to Tripadvisor. Which ones have you been to?

New Hampshire's Top 15 Tourist Attractions, According to Tripadvisor

The travel website shared this list of 15 of the best things to do in the Granite State. 

Gallery Credit: Megan

And of course, when it's time to eat, consider visiting these iconic local restaurants.

Discover 20 of New Hampshire's Most Iconic Restaurants

Gallery Credit: Megan

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