There was great debate on the Q Morning Show this morning when the topic of how to properly yield on a highway on-ramp came up and it got heated. Even Lori got into it via text on her day off!

The topic came up with the news of crash data being released for 2017 on the number of crashes on I-295 since the speed limit returned to 65mph. Lou attributed some of the accidents to people not merging properly on the highway on-ramps. I mentioned that people don't know how to yield when approaching the highway. Lou was sure that there were no yield signs on the on-ramps until I showed her the Google Streetview photo above. 1 point Parsons.

I then argued that when entering the flow of traffic on the on-ramp, you must yield the right of way to traffic on the highway. That means, if you reach the end of the on-ramp and are unable to safely merge into traffic you must stop. Although this is a very uncommon occurrence, that's the definition of yielding.

Lou had several supporters via text, including Lori who said I'm a moron. You NEVER stop on the on-ramp which I contend is untrue by the definition of yield. 1 point Lockwood.

You can't just barrel your way out into the flow of traffic and it's the responsibility of the vehicle behind you to maintain a safe distance to be able to stop if need be if merging is not possible.

We took a few calls and most of those agreed with me that you must stop if you can't merge safely, because that's what yield means. One woman even said that Millennials don't know what 'yield' means. Hey, I never said that. 1 point Parsons.

Lori put out her typical non-threat to stab me in the throat. 1 point Lockwood.

So until we hear definitively from The Maine State Police who patrol our highways if stopping on the on-ramp when unable to merge safely is the correct course of action, the debate will rage on.

What do you think? Let us know how you'd handle it in the comments below or on our Facebook page.


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