I never thought Jeff and I would be invited to the Blaine house for a Holiday Party...but we were.

We chatted with the Governor (over the phone) for our monthly chat. It was about the holidays and it was a fun light chat. During the talk, Governor Janet Mills mentioned how the Blaine House was decorated for the holidays honoring women in Maine's history. I had mentioned that it would be great to see that. Well, look at that - it worked!

We were invited to the Blaine House on Sunday, December 22nd for a short holiday party. Get out! The email was very specific saying,

Other invited guests include lawmakers, neighbors, friends of the Governor etc. This is an off the record, informal event, and is meant to be a time for you to continue to build or to start building a relationship with the Governor in a less formal setting.

Cool. Not that anything I would say would be on the record worthy...it was light treats!


Ask Jeff how much fudge he had and that I had to kick a piece of kettle corn under the table.

Gov. Mills was right. The decorations were very beautiful and a nice nod to women of Maine's past. There were displays for Margaret Chase Smith, Rachel Carson, Kate Furbish and even Suffrage Cat. Yes, a cat that was part of the National Park Service's commemoration of the 19th Amendment. Yup, the one that gave women the right to vote. 2020 is the 100th anniversary.


I asked if we could bring significant others...and they said of course. So, here we all are. That's Michelle, Jeff, Gov Mills, Me - Lori Voornas and Jen. Why yes...that is my reindeer sweater. A festive addition to any holiday party.


But my absolute favorite part of the party is when Governor Mills took the time to come over and say hi. She was very casual and kind. It's why I think people enjoy her. You may not like her politics, but she is a very approachable governor. And when I asked (of course I asked) if I could take a selfie...she went all in!


Next? Working on doing the morning show from the Blaine House...she'll never get the deposit back.