Who is John Daker? He is a viral video sensation because of an old video of him singing that has been hilariously subtitled, leaving people laughing so hard they cry.

If you're in tears from just watching this, wipe your eyes for a minute and read the story of how this happened according to statemaster.com.

John Daker is the unfortunate victim of an Internet phenomenon similar to that of the "Star Wars kid". A video of his vocal performance originally aired on a Peoria, Illinois public-access channel in 1990. Some think that WTVP must have aired this program.
In the video, he performs two songs: "Christ the Lord Is Risen Today" and "That's Amore" in a pseudo-operatic voice with various odd and sometimes alarming facial expressions to accompany his vocal stylings. Daker remains totally still with his arms at his side during most of his performance. Additionally, during his performance, he tends to forget lyrics and either looks angry or simply hums along until he recalls a word (often, the wrong word). Simply by watching the video, it is difficult to tell if he is embarrassed, truly trying to sing the song, extremely nervous, or slightly inebriated.


The video with subtitles was originally posted in 2010 and now has over 1 million views, so it's been viral for at leas that long.

John Daker is a star now and he's alive and well, as shown by this video at auto mechanic shop where he was spotted. The person behind the counter started to play his video and John recognized it.

Thank you John.....whep?....Daker. You've made us all laugh until we peed.


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