No one likes to be the bearer of bad news. Especially our local meteorologists who have to drop bombs like this on us. Just when you thought we'd seen our last snowfall map of the season, mother nature shows us she's the boss, so let's just peel off the Band-Aid, shall we?

This is by no means the most snowfall we've had in April, but it's just enough to be an annoyance. The biggest issue with this storm is the winds which could cause some power outages in some areas.

WMTW Meteorologist Sarah Long dropped a snowfall map Sunday night and took off for dinner to let the comments stream in.

Sarah says the good news is that for most areas in Maine the snow doesn't stick around on the ground, so there's that. But still, the white stuff is going to fall out of the sky at a time when we're looking forward to warm weather.

Northern Oxford county looks like it's going to get hit with the most snow with 3 to 5 inches. 1-3 inches for Southern Oxford up through Greenville and then a coating to an inch all the way to the coast. This will all kick off Tuesday morning.

Let's not forget though, snowfall in April is more common than we'd like to think. On April 10, 2020, Maine got hit with anywhere from 4 to 20 inches of snow depending on where you were.

You might want to make sure you get your shovel out of storage, just in case.

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