K9s on The Front Line provides fully trained PTSD service dogs at no cost to Maine veterans in need. Come meet some of the dogs, enjoy music and support our vets!

We met Linda Murray of K9s on The Front Line months ago. She is a co-founder and her ultimate goal is to spread the word about this free service to veterans who may be in need...just so they can help more people.


K9s on The Front Line is changing people's lives...including Jeremiah Church, a highly decorated retired Veteran. We recently got to meet Jeremiah. That's Linda, Jeremiah, Lori Voornas and Q...his savior.



K9s on The Front Line put together an amazing video to highlight what they do, and who they help. I dare you to watch it without crying....



We love and support K9s on The Front Line and hope that you will too. Please come and celebrate with a fun evening at Portland House of Music this Saturday July 8th. And please, please...if you know a veteran who needs help - please tell them about K9s on The Front Line.