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Yes, you clicked on an article about Kane Brown at Fenway, and no, we didn't mess up. And no, we're not clickbaiting you either. Follow along for a quick sec.

Kenny Chesney performing at Gillette Stadium has become an annual summer tradition (we won't count the hiatus the last few years, because, well, the world shut down, so it'd be unfair to). And, in fact, he's mentioned that he purposely wraps up his tours here in New England at Gillette Stadium because he feels like concerts here are unmatched.

Kane Brown Fenway Park

Much like Kenny has become a yearly summer tradition at Gillette, the same slowly could be beginning to be said about Kane Brown at Fenway Park, as for the second consecutive summer, he'll be part of the Fenway Concert Series when he takes the stage on July 20, 2024.

Getty Images
Getty Images

(In fact, it's possible he's taking the place of Zac Brown Band, who had a truly annual tradition stretching back to 2014, before ironically, hopping onto Kenny's tour hitting Gillette in August).

And while stadium events -- sporting or concert -- throughout New England are fun, and specifically concerts at Fenway Park have a next-level vibe to them, there's one thing you need to not do if you want to enjoy the entire show inside the Park.

And that's basically do the opposite of what a "fan" did to Kane while he was on stage in Atlanta.

TMZ via TikTok
TMZ via TikTok

Kane Brown Kicks Out Fan

For whatever reason, a member in the audience that you'd think would be a fan since you'd assume they shelled out the money to buy a ticket to Kane's concert, decided it'd be a great idea to tell Kane he's number one.

With his middle finger.

And, to Kane's credit, without even missing a step while he was mid-song, called the "fan" over to get closer, then got security's attention to boot him.

So, unless you want to listen to the rest of Kane's set on Landsdowne Street or Jersey Street (the former Yawkey Way), maybe just give him thumbs up instead of chucking him the bird.

Well, unless you want to go viral like this person may or may not have meant to do.

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