UPDATE: Earlier this week, we reported that there was a fuel outage last Saturday afternoon at the Kennebunk Service Plaza, based on the overhead sign approaching the plaza reading, "NO FUEL KENNEBUNK SERVICE PLAZA." While the message originally was interpreted as the plaza had run out of gas, the Maine Turnpike Twitter page actually clarified exactly what the issue was.

So while there was still fuel available and the plaza will be prepped for an influx of travelers over the 4th of July weekend, drivers would be wise to be prepped themselves with alternate means of paying for gas on the off-chance that a software issue at the pumps pops up once again. (Remember, Cash is King.)



The Kennebunk Service Plaza ran out of gas on Saturday

It's not known at exactly what time the Kennebunk, Maine Service Plaza on the Maine Turnpike ran out of gas this past Saturday, but what is known, based on the message displayed on the overhead sign just before the Plaza, is that there was no gas available around 5:15p that afternoon.

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

(Due to the sun reflection as well as the leftover quality after taking pictures of digital boards, the full message isn't able to be displayed in the above picture, but the message read "NO FUEL KENNEBUNK SERVICE PLAZA.")

A gas station in Northern New England recently closed

While the actual reason for the closing may not necessarily be related to gas but instead health issues of the owner, regardless, Wayne's Circle Mobil, which was located at the Derry Traffic Circle in Derry, New Hampshire, recently closed down within the last month or two. Leading to their closing, there were multiple times where visitors would got to fill their tanks, only to pull in and be told they were out of gas.

Google Maps
Google Maps

There is a fuel supply shortage on the East Coast

According to a recent Bloomberg article published earlier this month (June 2022), the East Coast of the US is facing its most critical fuel supply shortage since 1990. Not exactly the news you want to hear heading into one of the highest travel times throughout the area in general with the summer months here, but also with one of the biggest driving weekends of the year, especially to Maine, with 4th of July weekend rapidly approaching in a few days.

It may be best to make sure you fuel up before leaving for wherever your destination is going to be this weekend. If the Kennebunk Service Plaza can run out of fuel on a random and nice Saturday afternoon, it's a definite possibility for it to happen again this weekend when 2-3 times as many vehicles will be traveling along the Maine Turnpike for the long holiday weekend.

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