'Clerks' debuted almost 30 years ago

Want to feel old? Remember the iconic movie 'Clerks' that was written, directed, and produced by the iconic Kevin Smith? Yeah, that sucker dropped all the way back in 1994 and quickly developed a cult following.

It also launched the 'Jay & Silent Bob' phenomenon

While 'Clerks' focused mainly on the characters Dante and Randal (played by Brian O'Halloran and Jeff Anderson, respectively), two of the most popular characters to emerge from the film were Jay (played by Jason Mewes) and Silent Bob (played by Kevin Smith himself). In fact, it led to the two characters not only getting their own spinoff movies, but also making appearances in other Kevin Smith-directed films like 'Mallrats,' 'Dogma,' 'Chasing Amy' and more.

'Clerks II' graced screens in 2006

12 years after making its big screen debut, the 'Clerks' franchise came back around with a second installment of the movie to massive excitement and a warm welcome from fans.

You can watch 'Clerks III' with Kevin Smith this September in Portland

As if news that a third installment of the franchise is being released wasn't big enough for fans, the excitement over 'Clerks III' has reached an entirely new level of fever pitch, because Kevin Smith is coming to Portland this fall to actually watch the new movie with you!

Yesterday, the State Theatre announced that Kevin will be coming to the Old Port for a special 'Clerks III' screening on Tuesday, September 6, which will then be followed by a Q&A with Kevin!

So far, it doesn't look like a meet and greet opportunity will be included in the night's festivities, but with two months of wiggle room for change, there's certainly a chance that it could be put on the table.

Tickets to watch 'Clerks III' with Kevin at The State go on sale this Friday morning at 10a on the State Theatre's website. And you know this sucker is going to sell out, so don't drag your feet on snagging tickets!

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