Yesterday Tom Brady posted a video to his Facebook page asking for help finding the guy who stole all his chocolate from his spaceship! I knew TB12 was outta this world..heh heh.

TB12 has invited us to go on his spaceship to help return his Unreal chocolate back to it's rightful place....his belly.

On this site there is an interactive game that you can play to help Tom.


Excited for a chance to play with Tom, I tried out the game, it's ok. Basically you have to flip switches in the cockpit of the spaceship as Tom gives commands. There may be more to the game, but I had work to do!

In the game we learn that some guy named Paul has stolen all his Unreal Chocolate.

So go brave one, help Tom Brady get his chocolate back and save the universe! Actually, I don't know if you'll save the universe but whatever.