Getting to work this morning to tell others NOT to go to work, was...well, a challenge to say the least. That's Kylie...

The storm was sort of a math problem. We had to figure out how were we all getting to work at the height of the BLIZZARD OF 2017?

Management decided to put me up in a hotel, then I would have easy access out and pick up Kylie and Jeff! Ta-da!  Well, my boss said, HE would get Kylie, because they live near each other on the hill. Awesome. I was just responsible for Jeff. Easy peasy. But first I had to get out of the Hyatt (which by the way was amazing!). Apparently I left before the plow guy came.

Okay - out of the Hyatt..and on my way to Jeff. But Lori needs her coffee. So, before we went to the studio, COFFEE!


Got all the way to work, when the call came in that BOTH the boss and Kylie needed to be picked up. Okay..out and about I went...again. First Kylie. But in God's name was she getting to me? There's only one way - up and over!


Then it was off to get the boss and THEN go be on the radio. All before 530 am...well, 545 am.

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