If you've never been to St. Lawrence Arts on Munjoy Hill in Portland, now is your chance for a one weekend only show that will blow your mind!


A Burlesque Parody Sequel Now -  I've got your attention and this IS an 18+ show one weekend only. July 19, 730 PM - July 21. $20 advance / $23 door.

Here's a little about what Lady's Labyrinth is about.

20 years have passed since Sarah journeyed into the Labyrinth to save her baby brother from the Goblin City. It all seemed to pass so quickly after that night, days into weeks, weeks into decades. After college, Sarah continued perusing her illustrious acting career, however, outside the confines of her hometown, show business proved to be a far more difficult pursuit than she had originally anticipated. Audition after audition, she was barely able to scrape by with the occasional commercial gig, and the old fall back of her barista job. Now growing ever closer to age 40, Sarah is at a crossroads in her life, and one big decision will greatly affect her entire future. Uncertain about how to proceed, she once again calls upon the goblins for help. Jareth, the Goblin King, still ever infatuated with her in his own twisted way, offers his guidance for what it is worth. Sarah knows he is not to be trusted, but she feels that she has precious little alternative at this point.



Featuring all of Bowie’s hits from the original film, and more 80’s nostalgia than you can shake a stick at, Lady’s Labyrinth features a multitude of dance and performance styles, coupled with moments of humor, and dark sexy thrills. Fall in love with the soft yet powerful charms of Aubergine Dream!  Marvel at the graceful contortionism of Georgi Petals!  Jam out with the trance talents of Gloria Sass!  Find yourself dizzied by the frantic flow art of Lexi Go-Go! Bounce with the rhythmically bombastic & bootylicious Kinky Slippers! And Scratch your heads at the impersonating prowess of The Faces of McGinty!

Get your tickets before it sells out!

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