Sixteen low-income tenants in Portland thought they had to look for housing at the holidays.

But according to Bangor Daily News, a representative for the property says that the eviction notices should never have gone out. The owners of the complex at 240 Harvard Street in Portland will be doing renovations, and the rent could go up.

That in it self may force people to look for other housing, but they aren't being evicted, the newspaper reported. It was the largest mass eviction in Portland in recent years.


The letters basically state that the property would no longer accept the assistance vouchers from the city, according to the BDN, and that the Portland Housing Authority said that the letters sent everyone into a tizzy looking for other rentals in a really tight rental environment.

The owners said that they aren't looking to kick out anyone and the renovations can be made around the tenants, the newspaper stated. They are simply trying to work with people and help them.

The BDN stated that the owners say that tenants can expect a new letter this week.

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