Lee Nelson and Cindy Williams had long careers with News Center Maine. For years they were fixtures on our televisions, spending most of their careers on totally opposite newscasts. Lee was the earlier riser for the Morning Report and Cindy was the long-time co-anchor of News Center at 6 along with Pat Callaghan.

They have since retired from the news business and are enjoying spending time together in Mexico while still living here in Maine. That doesn't mean they aren't working though.

Lee has become a model, commercial actor and voiceover artist. According to his Facebook page, he has done work with big companies like LL Bean, Nikon, and Blue Cross.

One of his latest projects was a commercial with Cindy for a men's cologne called GRAVITÉ by Particle.

The couple look great together, but what's interesting, is the storm of comments that came up when Lee posted a photo shoot for another product.

People flipped out when they saw Lee posing with a woman in his arms that was not Cindy. "Nope! Just doesn't feel right," said one commenter. "Cindy or not approved. Makes me feel for her. I'm sure she approves! I don't. Lol. Should be Cindy!"That was one of the nicer comments.

People. This is his job! When Ben Affleck does a romantic scene in a movie and it's not Jennifer Lopez, do you freak out? I should hope not.

Yes, Cindy is beautiful and was even in the Miss USA pageant, but let's get real here. This is what models do and Cindy is 100% okay with that. It is nice though to see the two of them together for this video.

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