We all appreciate the hard work and sacrifice that Maine's law enforcement officers give every day at their jobs. But when these officers go that extra mile to serve their communities, they'll receive some heartfelt thank you from the people in the communities they serve.

Officer Spencer Simoneau of the Lewiston Police Department was just one of those officers who recently stepped in to lend a hand where he saw it was needed, and the woman he helped made sure that Police Chief David St. Pierre was made aware of it.

In an email sent to Chief St. Pierre that was published on the Lewiston Police Department Facebook page, a person who was not named to protect their privacy wanted to share their thanks. Here's a portion of what they wrote:

Just wanted you to be aware of Officer Simoneau's response to a family crisis that we were facing. On Tuesday morning at about 1 am I received a phone call from ICU, asking that I go to the hospital and bring my sister's husband who has several health issues. My sister was dying and she did pass away that morning.


I went to their home and needed to turn the car around so that the passenger door would be facing my brother-in-law, so he would have easier access. No sooner did I do this, than a blue light came on and I went to see what was wrong. The officer said, "It looks like you need help." I could not believe what I was hearing! The officer then helped my brother-in-law get in my car and also helped him with his portable oxygen tent. Once we were all settled in, he offered to follow us to the hospital because he knew that my brother-in-law would need a wheelchair. I inquired, "Are you sure you want to do this?" and he replied, “That is what we do.”

We often think of police officers as those who pull us over when we are driving too fast, but they are so much more than that. "To Protect and to Serve" is a motto that was originally adopted by the Los Angeles Police Department, but it truly fits in this situation. Officer Simoneau stepped in when help was needed and because of his actions, this person's sister got to see her husband before she passed.

Hats off to you Officer Simoneau!

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