The classic lemonade stand on a hot summer day. It's what young entrepreneurs have been setting up with a little bit of help from mom for years. Grab a table, a chair and make a sign saying "Lemonade" for sale and grab a pitcher and some cups and you're in business. It's nice to see a years old tradition still carried on by today's kids.

I tried it once as a kid and only sold one glass to my mom. Easton Morin of Lewiston had a lot better luck than I did when he opened up his lemonade stand in the driveway of his house. Three of Lewiston's finest made a stop at Easton's stand to grab a cold drink at the start of their night shift Tuesday afternoon.

Easton is all smiles because he just made 3 bucks! My lemonade was only 10 cents but my cups were smaller than his and it was 1978. You know. Inflation. And who carries a dime with them these days?

With the hottest of days to come this week, Easton might what to keep his lemonade stand running on Pleasant Street. Do you take debit cards Easton? I don't carry cash.

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