Well, driving around in Vermont could definitely get a little more entertaining in the near future.

According to Valley News, Vermont lawmakers are considering a bill that would allow residents to purchase licence plates with emojis on them. You heard right - emojis, similar to the ones on your phone. If the bill becomes law, it will make Vermont the first state in the country to offer drivers those little yellow cartoon faces on state issued plates. But it wouldn't be the first in the world. A similar bill for license plate emojis recently passed in Australia.

If passed, the state would charge an extra fee to use an emoji on your license plate, similar to how states charge extra for vanity plates. That could mean a substantial revenue gain for Vermont. In Australia, they'll be charging drivers an extra $320 for an emoji licence plate. No word on how much Vermont plans to charge.

What emoji would you put on your license plate? Show us in a comment on the Facebook post!



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