By now you've probably got your Christmas tree up and all lit and decorated for the big day when Santa arrives to put presents under it. It's hard to believe that it's not that far away now.

Of course, Christmas trees aren't just found inside our homes. Almost every city and town in Maine has a Christmas tree decorated in a public space like Portland's Monument Square.

Most Christmas trees in Maine are the traditional kind and many go out and cut or buy their own real tree as opposed to others who have a fake tree to avoid the mess of pine needles all over the house.

But if you want to talk about some Unique Christmas trees in Maine there are plenty. And we're not talking about the Darth Vader Christmas tree that someone shares with me on social media every single year.

I'm a hardcore Star Wars fan guys, but not that hardcore.

We're talking about unique Christmas trees that when you take just one look at them you say "Ayuh. That theyah is one heckuva Maine Christmas tree bub."

Just like the Darth Vader tree that I'm never getting, these Maine trees are created or decorated in things that are uniquely Maine and are the exact opposite of a traditional Christmas tree.

We found 10 of these uniquely Maine Christmas trees across the state that you can go see in person for a uniquely Maine Christmas experience. Now all you need is the Maine Christmas song to listen to as you view these photos.

Here you go:

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