These are legitimate looks of surprise. So, what surprised these two?


The fact that a phone took a picture when you simply said the word, 'smile'!

This is the picture that the the phone took. What kind of phone? Some android thingy with an S and a 6 I think. Can't remember! But how awesome is that?

It was just some of the fun we had when we went to Oxford Casino Hotel to get ready for their Give 5 Get 10 on Monday the 5th!

We had dinner at the OxPub (fabulous food!!) with Rachel and her family. They were the high bidders for an overnight and hanging with the Q Morning Show for the Cans for a Cure auction! It was quite the crowd with Jeff bringing his gang too!


Wait just a Jeff being a..uh, let's see how can I phrase blank hole?


He's a funny guy that Jeff. Despite that look on his face, we had a great time and we hope that you can make it up to Oxford Casino Hotel and support Cans for a Cure 2019!

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