You know Lori Voornas (Q Morning Show member beloved by all), and Kirsten from Food City is an honorary member - coming up they will be celebrity waiters!


On Saturday, April 7th, from 5-9, the Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services is having their 18th annual Celebrity Waiter Dinner at The Carriage House in Lewiston.

The Q Morning Show was asked to be celebrity waiters for the event, but only Lori could make it. So she asked her buddy Kirsten from Food City to join her. Kirsten is a huge supporter of community events and just crazy enough to be a perfect partner for Lori!

This fundraiser is to support the work of the center, with their goal of raising 20,000 dollars! Their mission is very clear and we want to help:

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Services works to prevent and eliminate sexual violence and promote healing and empowerment for people of all genders and ages who are affected by rape, sexual assault, child sexual abuse, sexual exploitation, stalking and sexual harassment.


Want Lori to bring you food? She may juggle for tips, or sing (no!) or tap dance! Kirsten...good lord. Who knows what that woman is up to - but I can guarantee you will have a VERY memorable night!

There's a whole list of local celebrities!



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