If you're a woman and you've been to a cliche sleepover in the past couple years, you are intimately acquainted with sheet masks. For anyone who isn't, these are moist towelette-like things that you pull out of a pouch and place on your face, smooth out the bubbles, and wait 20 minutes. When you peel them off and rub in the remaining slime into your skin, you can expect to have baby-soft skin and to live an extra 15 years. Alright, that may not be entirely true. It's completely possible these are a straight-up scam, but there's something insanely hilarious about wearing them and trying not to laugh for 20 minutes. 


The matching face mask/hair look was a complete accident! Bestie status achieved. One thing's for sure: Make new friends, but keep the old! One is silver and the other is gold!

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