Not going to lie, one of my favorite days in middle school was when my 8th-grade teacher had us shove marshmallows in our mouths and spell vocabulary terms. I may have known how to spell "onomatopoeia" back then, but to be honest I had to use Google to be able to spell it now.

Spelling is not always easy, trust me, I get it. Being from Massachusetts originally, I couldn't even spell the state that I lived in. Honestly, it took me YEARS to finally be able to spell it. As you probably could figure out, I was never (and still really am not the best at some games).

Games like Wordle, Scrabble, and Crosswords don't really give you the chance to check your spelling, so you really just have to pray that you know how to spell what it is you want. But, everyone will always make a spelling mistake at some point.

WordTips, a word search site, actually took to Twitter to find the most common misspelled word in every state. By compiling a list of 350 often misspelled words in the English language and their most common misspellings, WordTips searched and categorized a sample of over two billion tweets from around the world to find which word was most commonly misspelled in each state.

New Hampshire

According to WordTips findings, New Hampshire's most commonly misspelled word is "Amateur." Not going to lie, I most likely have misspelled this a few times myself.


The word that Massachusetts residents seem to misspell frequently is "Becoming." After years of struggling on knowing how to spell "Massachusetts," I find that "becoming" is an easy term to spell and it honestly quite a shocking result.

Luckily, for the most part, we all have search engines, speech-to-text, and spell check options available to us. Not saying that these helpful features are needed, but that they certainly come in handy (especially if you don't know how to spell like me).

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