Kindness is something this world certainly needs more of. Thankfully there are people like 9-year-old Bentley in Penobscot County.

Local convenience store, The Village Market shared to their Facebook page that they had to cut their own power while their meat case was being serviced. Which meant they were operating on a cash-only basis.

During this time a local Sheriff stopped in for lunch. Only having a card he ate in his vehicle waiting to pay once the power returned. At the same time, Bentley came into the store to get some bait with cash he had earned himself before going out to the lake. He decided to use some of his money to cover the cost of the meal for the sheriff.

This was by no means something Bentley had to do but out of the kindness of his heart and pride in his hard-earned money, he wanted to pay it forward. I hope all of us can learn a thing or two from this sweet 9-year-old today.

Great job, Bentley!

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