Well, this is a new one. A brewery in Skowhegan has collaborated with a Maine auto dealership to create a new brew, and no. It doesn't taste like motor oil.

Bigelow Brewing Company in partnership with the Height Family of Dealerships has created a Scotch Ale to celebrate Height's 110 year anniversary. In 1910, Height was selling horseless carriages for about $600. Today they're selling GMC Silverados.

Tin Can Sailor is a Scotch ale and According to Maine Biz, it's brewed in honor of S. Kirby Hight, who served in the U.S. Navy during World War II. He, like his father, got into the car business but left to join the military after the bombing of Pearl Harbor, like so many young men did after that tragedy. He returned to the car dealership after the war ended.

Why the name Tin Can Sailor? That's a term used for sailors serving on naval destroyers, since the boat kind of felt like being in a tin can.

Breweries do a lot of collaborations on brews they create, but is this the first time a brewery has collaborated with a car dealership? Maybe it's time for a radio station collaboration? I'm going to brainstorm some beer names.

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