Gardiner is now home to an award-winning cat!


Ladies and gentlemen, may I present the winner of the annual Wackiest Cat Name Contest. Out of ALL the cats that tried to win the Nationwide Insurance Company's (pet insurance) 'Wackiest Pet Names' contest - the winning cat is!

Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer

Kelli Hoover
Roman Payan

As you can see Pickles is thrilled! And he should be. He got a whole bunch of goodies for having the best name ever for a cat. Tell Pickles what he's won!

  • A custom portrait canvas of their pet
  • A year subscription to KitNipBox
  • A $100 Tango reward that’s redeemable for gift cards from some of the nation’s top retailers
  • A feature in The Companion magazine
  • And of course bragging rights for the year

After Kelli told Pickles the good news, this is how he reacted!

Kelli Hoover
Roman Payan

He is obviously SO excited!

Kelli Hoover, Pickles person, got the name from an ad! Kelli saw an ad for a cat named Pickles and loved that name. But when she got the new kitty, Pickles seemed like an incomplete name. So they added McButterpants. Sooooo, where does the muffin slayer part come from? According to Kelli,

...we were eating muffins, he went crazy over them and wouldn’t leave us alone. That is how he got the title of the Muffin Slayer.

Pickles probably wouldn't have won this contest if he enjoyed kale.

Here are the top 10 wackiest dog and cat names.


Winner: Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer. Other Not As Good Names; Boba Pett; Crunchcat Supreme; Foo Foo Cuddly Poops; Lady Cleocatra Meowington; Linda from Human Resources; Mr. Murder Mittens; Ruth Bader Kitsburg; Salt ‘N’ Dr. Pepper and Tayroar Swift.

Winner: Dr. Potato Head. Other Not As Good Names:  Bruno Mascarpone; Ghostopher P. Spookington; Holly Picklebone Bonk; Macho Dog Randy Savage; Motley Chew; Porkfrog; Princess Dumptruck; Redwood Stinging Tentacles of the Sea, RuhRoh and Shoogieboogie.

Congratulations Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer. You made Maine proud!

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