The leaves in Maine are beginning to fall which means we'll all be grabbing our rakes, if we haven't already, to start the annual fall yard clean up. The Maine CDC wants to let you know about the potential health danger that may be lurking under those fallen leaves.

In a post to their Facebook page over the weekend, the Maine CDC warned that as you rake and stir up the leaves and grass in your yard, hairs from browntail moth caterpillars could get stirred up. If you're one of the many people who are sensitive to the hairs, which are poisonous, you'll want to take steps to prevent a reaction that causes a rash or breathing problems.

They say to wear protective clothing to cover skin that could come in contact with the poisonous hair. Be careful when working in areas protected from the rain like under decks or sheds for woodpiles, and to be careful with firewood that you might bring into the house that was outside near areas where browntail moths may have been.

If you want more info and tips on how to protect yourself from the dangers of the browntail moth caterpillars this fall, you can find it a the link below.


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