When I first read this article from GQ Magazine...I thought it was fake. But no - this author HATES Maine. Here's a quote in the article, 'Maine is a terrifying wasteland with little to offer us in the way of economic or intellectual resources, and we should sell it to Denmark for a tidy profit.' There's more...

Drew Magary says that he went to college in Maine for four years (so, obviously he's an expert!). And then he proceeds to give all the reasons to hate Maine. Granted, Gov. Paul LePage didn't help this week...but this is crazy.

Want to let Drew know how you feel about his article? Of course you do! His Twitter account follows this! I've already let him know how I feel.

And I'll be honest. When I moved here 30 years ago from Idaho - I had not idea where Maine even was! I was so embarrassed I was moving to some place I didn't know, I told people I was moving to Boston. I'd heard of Boston and it seemed close to where I was actually moving. Now I couldn't be more proud of being from Maine. I friggin' love this state!