Despite an uptick in daily new cases of the coronavirus, Maine still has the lowest positivity rate in the country. That has gotten attention as the real estate market saw a 23% increase in home sales in September that is attributed to out-of-state buyers hoping to get out of the coronavirus hot spots in major cities.

It has also gotten the attention of national media outlets like Good Morning America which did a story on October 27 about how well Maine is doing at keeping cases at a relatively low level.

Stephanie Ramos was live from Bug Light Park in Portland reporting on how Portland schools have dealt with teaching during the pandemic and Robin Roberts had a live interview with Maine CDC director Dr. Nirav Shah asking him what have been the keys to keeping cases in Maine so low.

"Science means something in Maine," Shah responded. "When we at the state level advised and asked people to follow best scientific principles, like wearing a mask and staying six feet apart, people across the state did so."

You can watch the entire GMA story here.

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