I am not sure if you have seen the latest, but construction workers and flaggers are becoming more and more creative with how to make it through the day a bit easier. Summer is blazing its way in and flaggers are stepping up their game to beat the heat and make their long days a little more bearable.

A lot of Maine's manual laborers  must brave the scorching temps out in the sun for hours and hours at a time. Most of them are unable to leave their post. Street flaggers are the amazing folks that hold the stop signs when construction is being performed on a busy street so that we all continue to stay safe.

Well, recently a Facebook user named Jessica couldn't help but notice the ingenuity shown by one in particular flagger in Lewiston recently. She posted it on Lewiston Rocks Facebook Page.

Jessica Lynne Taylor via Facebook
Jessica Lynne Taylor via Facebook

She was holding onto her stop sign but that's not all. Ingeniously attached to her sign was a cup holder with her trusty iced coffee. She had innovatively took wrapped a cup holder around her stop sign.

Now, I am not sure if the flagger is who came up with this idea but whoever did, we owe a round of applause to.

Let's raise our cups to all the flaggers trying to stay cool and those who have found unique ways of solving those issues themselves. Such a cool way to keep them cool, energized and make their job a tad more enjoyable amidst the long work days.

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