Maine has a problem...we are too damn old!


Maine has more deaths than births and we share that with only one other state, West Virginia. According to the Boston Globe,

...across the state, the rapid aging of Maine’s population — a trend known by some as the “silver tsunami” — has reached a crucial tipping point, many say. As baby boomers head into retirement, and many young people move away in search of opportunity, Maine is one of only two states, along with West Virginia, where deaths now outnumber births.


This changes everything! It changes the workforce and adds a demand for services for the elderly.

And it's only getting worse! There are more Mainers 65 and older than 18 and younger. In just 7 years the number of 65 year old (or older) Mainers, could jump almost 40%! That while almost every other age group drops. You can thank in part, longer life expectancy and falling fertility rates.

Mainers are on average almost 7 years older than the national average age of 38. And if you look at Piscataquis County, the age difference is the same as the gap between a newborn and a high school freshman. Holy cow.

What is Maine doing about that? Right's just being aware there is a problem. It's in the discussion phase...hurry up Maine - I'm aging waiting for a solution!

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