Some big changes are coming to the Maine Mall Food Court as one restaurant moves out and another takes its place with a new name.

Those that were fans of Qdoba Mexican Grill at the Maine Mall know that it closed some time ago. It used to be owned by the same company as Jack in the Box, the popular fast food chain that we don't have in this part of the country. I'm not sure if that sale had anything to do with the closing of the Maine Mall franchise, but it would make sense as the company did a rebranding of Qdoba after the sale. If anyone knows the story, let us know in the comments.

Google Maps
Google Maps

A new tenant has moved into the old Qdoba Mexican Grill location, which some may remember as Dream Machine video arcade for many years.

Actually new isn't entirely correct. Gyro Express which was originally in the food court has expanded and changed its name to Jaffa Mediterranean Grill and moved into the space that used to be Qdoba Mexican Grill.

Jaffa Mediterranean Grill has expanded the Gyro Express menu, offering many more choices than they had in the old location.

One other interesting thing I found when researching this story was a listing of something coming soon on the Maine Mall website, but curiously I only saw it on mobile.

If this means what I think it does, a place completely dedicated to french fries, then count me in!

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