NEWS CENTER Maine's Keith Carson

If there's one thing you can say about NEWS CENTER Maine meteorologist Keith Carson -- he definitely doesn't have an ego. And if he does, it's not a massively annoying one where he thinks his crap doesn't stink. The man is a master of self-deprecation and it almost seems like he lives to roast himself.

Completely on brand, to quote Britney Spears for no reason at all other than to reference a song by her -- "Oops, (He) Did It Again..."

Keith Carson on Social Media

Yesterday, Q97.9 posted a simple question on its Facebook page for Mainers to weigh in on.

And that's when Keith completely (and accidentally?) stole the show, with 4 simple words that as of this writing has brought in over 120 comments in response and over 2,200 "likes/reactions."

Townsquare Media
Townsquare Media

Just that one comment wasn't good enough for Keith though, because he doubled down on the self-deprecation for our enjoyment on his Twitter page.

To Keith's credit, the responses to his comment on the post reeked of all the love in the world from Mainers with nothing but positive words for him (and some on his level of sarcasm.)

You do great, Keith! You're the only one I want to hear do the weather.  - Elizabeth Schoch


OH yes you do!! Enjoy your excellent interesting forecasts, always teaching us about the weather, you are the best!! - Nancy Ramage


Keith, to be fair, you’ve come pretty close a bunch of times. - Jeff Gervais


But honestly, the commenters aren't wrong. Keith IS great. And entertaining. And according to one piece of "fan" mail (that also accuses him of trying to "get away with just anything"), he's handsome -- for a meteorologist.

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