Commuters throughout the entire state would rejoice if the plan comes to fruition, but many hurdles would have to be jumped over first. 

It's hard to even imagine Maine without a plethora of tolls throughout the state's highways. For most folks, the Gray-New Gloucester toll plaza, the Augusta toll plaza and the Falmouth spur toll plaza have just become a daily part of life. But what if, IF, Maine could eliminate those tolls in the next decade?

According to the Portland Press Herald, Governor Paul LePage would like to see it come to fruition. It would require a merging of the Maine Turnpike Authority and the Maine Department of Transportation. The merging of the two would cut costs, leading to an elimination of most tolls statewide. The York toll plaza, which generates the most revenue of any in the state, would remain open and active.

The initial reaction when LePage floated the idea at a town hall meeting in Gorham was "never going to happen," according to the Portland Press Herald, but when it comes to the governor, never say never. Where Maine would be able find the funds to offset the loss of toll revenue was not discussed at the meeting. Additionally, the potential loss of jobs from toll booth workers and others in the Maine Turnpike Authority was not brought to the table.

It's OK to dream though. Just think about it, no tolls from Portland to Presque Isle. Amazing.

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