Portland-based musician Dean Ford dropped a new Christmas song and it, as the kids say, slaps. Or the slightly older kids say, it's a bop. Or as the rest of us say, it's great!

Dean is well known in the local music scene especially for Dean Ford and The Keepsakes and the incredible Prince tribute, Dean Ford and The Beautiful Ones.

This week he released his latest single, a Christmas song, Wishlist (This Christmas).

A lighthearted holiday love-song and a fun video to go with it featuring, Dean, his pup, and some awesome stop-motion animation!

Check it out below!

This pandemic has hit local artists and venues hard. Please continue supporting them any way you can, whether it's buying their music, tipping on virtual concerts, buying tickets to virtual concerts, buying venue merch (State Theater or Portland House of Music and Events, for example), or simply sharing their content. Let's support them now so we can enjoy them in person, later.

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