It's started out a frustrating two-thirds of winter for those that love nothing more than fresh powder constantly falling during the winter months, especially in New England.

Because from November until the end of January (and then for a few weeks after that), skiers, snowboarders, sledders and tubers have just sat back waiting for some actual fresh powder to fall on their favorite mountains, not just the fake stuff to be created.

And now here we are, off some fresh powder falling this past weekend and earlier this week as well, and more coming this week, too, with the first batch being tonight.

Stephen Durham via Twitter
Stephen Durham via Twitter

Three storms expected in New England this week

According to CBS 13/FOX 23 in Maine, three snowstorms are set to hit New England this week, with the first starting later tonight (Monday, February 27, depending on when you're getting eyes on this) and lasting overnight into tomorrow.

The weird thing, though, is even as early as Saturday morning, there still wasn't much known about what the impact of tonight's storm could be. During a live Saturday morning broadcast, WMUR meteorologist Matt Hoenig said it would take until Sunday morning or even this morning to get a better sense.

And even now it's still a question mark in some areas. But earlier this morning, Stephen Durham, who is currently a meteorologist for Cannon Mountain as well as a remote forecaster and observer for Customs and Border Protection (according to his LinkedIn profile) created a map for what to expect in areas of Maine and New Hampshire tonight.

And even with Stephen's predictive map for tonight's incoming storm, there's still a lot of uncertainty across the coast from as far south as coastal Mass all the way up to almost the entirety of coastal Maine.

Storms on Wednesday and Friday

According to CBS 13/FOX 23, the second storm will hit on Wednesday but looks like it will be mostly rain, with the final storm hitting on Friday and promises (at least at this point) to be a more significant amount of heavy snow.

Buckle in, Northern New Englanders. You're either about to live your best life and hit the slopes hard this week (especially Granite Staters with school vacation week) and this weekend, or hate life a little more with what's starting to feel like an endless winter.

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