Dave, Dave, Dave.

Mr. Dave Portnoy of Barstool Sports, you are missing an opportunity by not coming to Maine to do a Pizza Review.

In fact, the man has never been here.

Maine may not be known for its pizza the way New York is known for theirs, or the way New Jersey is known for their pork roll (nothing better than Jersey bagels by the way), but our little foodie town of Portland has some really unique slices.

If you don't know who Dave Portnoy is, then honestly, good for you because he's a menace (in a good way). He's the CEO of Barstool Sports and yes, he just bought his own company back from PENN Entertainment for $1. Legendary.

A part of his "thing" is pizza reviews, with the famous tagline in his videos, "one bite everybody knows the rules" at each pizza location he visits.

Here's the formula he's looking for when he's rating a slice:

He's only given a perfect score out once in his career, and it happened to be in Lynn, Massachusetts, at a place called Monte's not far from here.

I strongly believe, that if he did come to Maine for a review, he'd leave shocked by the pizza talent this state has.

Here, Dave, let me show you a list spelled out with pictures of some of the best pizza joints around here that you should review. Honestly, one of these could absolutely get bragging rights for his second time ranking a slice with a perfect score.

7 Maine Pizza Places Barstool's Dave Portnoy Needs to Visit

Here are some Maine pizza places he should make the trip to check out if he hasn't already.

Gallery Credit: Krissy

Are there any places we missed he should visit?

Here's one of Dave's most recent reviews (in New England!) you can check out below:

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